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Jim & Dan Comic and Toy Shop - 1 East Dayton Street, West Alexandria OH - 937-839-7068
        JIM & DAN's 5 AUGUST SHOW
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Adam Fields at Jim & Dan's Comic and Toy Show   ADAM FIELDS is the owner and lead illustrator / graphic designer of Midnight27 Studios and the creator of the hit comic book series, PROWL. Raised in Eaton, Ohio, he has always had a passion for art and storytelling. All throughout school, he focused on improving his illustration skills and pushing himself to continually improve to create the most dynamic art that he could.
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Joe Pruitt at Jim & Dan's Comic and Toy   JOE  "PohGo" PRUITT was born and raised in the jolly ole' town of London....London, Ohio that is. Where the weather never knows what it wants to do day in and day out. He currently resides in Springfield, Ohio, often referred to as "Springtucky" by the local villagers. Back in 2010, his two daughters, ages 8 and 12, joked about having a comic strip about them and their day to day silly antics.

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  TIM FULLER began self-publishing his cartoons in Hooha Comics in 1978. He contributed the series “The Blue Beagle,” to Fantagraphics’ Critters and “Cap’n Catnip” to Charlton Bullseye. Tim created countless strips and cartoons for various fanzines, mini comics and magazines, including The Comic Buyers Guide and Starlog. In 2006, after a self-imposed exile from making comics, Tim began actively creating and publishing his cartoons again.
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  JEFF AUSTIN has worked in the comics field for 28 years as an inker and occasional penciler. The majority of his work tends to be printed in the black and white market, which has led to a wide range of shading and textural effects at his command. It's worth remembering that Jeff is much nicer than he appears at first sight.
  LEE XOPHER is a cartoonist best known for "Rock of Pages," an illustrated concept album about growing up and traveling through time. His other creator–owned works include "The Wyld" (co–created by Nate Xopher) and "Pixel Overdrive." In addition to contributing art and production design to "Bayeux" and "The Puny Wars," he has an extensive background as an illustrator, graphic designer, and writer outside of the comics industry. He has a BFA in Visual Communication Design from the University of Dayton and currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his window garden of plants he has somehow managed to keep alive.  Learn more about Lee Xopher    
  NATE XOPHER is an illustrator with a cartoon-inspired style that creates a fun take on superheroes, animals, and even some metaphysical concepts. He is the artist for "The Wyld," a comic series he co-created with Lee Xopher about a world of animals who must return to the law of the jungle after their magical society falls. Nate also works as a graphic designer, runs a t-shirt shop online, and has produced artwork for various clients including Upper Deck's Spider-Man Homecoming run of sketch cards. He has a BFA in Visual Communication Design from the University of Dayton and currently lives in Dayton, Ohio with his wife and their pug.  Learn more about Nate Xopher
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